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Newcastle is go!

Option C's north east network of car clubs continues to grow with the launch of our operation in Jesmond, Newcastle. Our first car is based near to West Jesmond Metro Station, so it is convenient from across the city!

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If you live and work in the city and don't need to drive to get to the office every day, Option C is ideal, providing access to a car for visiting friends and family, shopping or maybe escaping to the countryside.


Option C for Business

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By becoming a business member of Option C, you could help to reduce the cost of staff business travel. Our cars can be used by your business as staff pool cars, and in addition to potentially reducing costs, this can enable staff to leave their cars at home and reduce your business' demand for parking space.

We can cater for large and small businesses alike.

If you and your people need a car for just a few hours a week, we can offer access through our hourly rate and mileage fee system. If your demands are higher, we could offer exclusive use of car club vehicles during your office hours, with staff able to book as usual over the phone or via the internet.

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Please contact us to find out more about how Option C could work for your business.

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