Newcastle is go!

Option C's north east network of car clubs continues to grow with the launch of our operation in Jesmond, Newcastle. Our first car is based near to West Jesmond Metro Station, so it is convenient from across the city!

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If you need a car much less than you used to, perhaps to visit a son or daughter who's flown the nest or to take the grandchildren out for the day, why not choose Option C?


How it Works

Option C provides cars in your area, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can book a car over the phone or through our website, for a minimum of half an hour up to however long you need it. If you're on a journey and need the car for longer than expected, simply contact us and if the car's available, we'll extend your booking.

Membership is Free!

As a member of Option C, you only pay for what you use. Each time youdrive the car, youpay an hourly rate for the duration of the trip, and a small mileage fee. This covers everything, so you need never worry about fuel, insurance, MOTs, tax or maintenance costs again!

We want to keep the costs as simple as possible.

Additional costs will only be charged if the car is returned late. This is to make sure that cars are available when members have booked them. If your trip is running over, contact us and we will always do our best to accommodate.


One-off joining fee25
Returnable insurance deposit100
Membership feeFree
Household Membership feeFree
Hourly rate4.00
Mileage fee0.15 per mile
Daily rate (24hr)36
Overnight rate (8pm to 8am)12
Late return fee25
Other penalty fee25

To see how much you could save by becoming an Option C member, use our car cost calculator.

What are the benefits of becoming an Option C member?

By becoming a member of Option C, you can save money and discover greater freedom in your choice of transport: suddenly it is possible to drive a car anytime you need to, but only pay for what you use, and consequently travelling by bus or train becomes much more cost-effective. Throw in the healthy choice of cycling or walking when making shorter journeys and it's easy to see that Option C members are really making the smart choice.

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