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Newcastle is go!

Option C's north east network of car clubs continues to grow with the launch of our operation in Jesmond, Newcastle. Our first car is based near to West Jesmond Metro Station, so it is convenient from across the city!

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If you live and work in the city and don't need to drive to get to the office every day, Option C is ideal, providing access to a car for visiting friends and family, shopping or maybe escaping to the countryside.


Welcome to Option C

Ever stopped to think about our relationship with our cars?

Undoubtedly there are journeys when jumping in the car is a great way of getting from A to B. On the other hand, we could all live without the cost of car ownership, from the initial purchase to insurance, MOTs, repairs, depreciation...

Here at Option C, we want to change the way we use cars.

We believe that the current situation whereby every driver buys their own car, or shares 2 or more with other members of their household and pays running costs for each, should and must be improved! So we've done something about it.

Try our Car Cost Calculator to find out how much your car is costing you

Our car club offers a straightforward, simple and cheaper method of accessing cars.

Rather than driving your own, you simply drive ours, available on a 'pay as you drive' basis: you book a car over the internet or by telephone, pick it up from a parking bay in your area, drive and return. You pay for what you use, whereas your own car, let's face it, is costing you even as you read this.

Our car club could also help you to do your bit for the environment.

If you're a short bus or train journey from work or wherever you need to be, joining Option C can give you freedom to cut car use, saving cash and making the most convenient transport choice every time you leave the house.
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